There was a time before,
your big bang.
There was nothing but,
darkness everywhere.

In all the universe,
all existence
there was just us.

A civilization that lived in the darkness,
the Shadows.

In totally darkness we were life,
my people that drifted through
the expansion of darkness and
interacted with each other.

Flow to the universe is like reverse.
With consciousness intelligent interacted and
total peace between each other.

Then the light came, It was destructive!
My people favored the light.
Staying in front of its beams.

Yet a few stayed and
for millennium they bounced
in-between the darkness and the light.

They watched as life began in universe.
And for the first time we discovered evil!
It was ugly to us and we fight it.

Now I stay on your planet and
I walk amongst your people
fighting evil.
I am,
Shadow Man

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