is a DVD.

An Eddie Whitehead Jr. Production.
All video, interview, postproduction and technical work to bring this DVD to life are the work of Mr. Johnson, i.e. Eddie Whitehead Jr. The video content from it is above.

A graduate of Coolie HS and basketball star in high school and college, Eddie started doing standup comedy in college. Wait. To be honest, that is when I had the great joy of meeting him and his high school teammates after they finished first in the state all 4 years in their high school division. I was cut from joining them on the Rock Valley College team, where I met them, despite my valiant efforts. They are the finest group of young men I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Of course, none of us are young any longer. I digress….

I think Eddie was a standup comic from birth to be honest. He’s loved by most and well traveled. He’s performed all over the world and visited places I’ve only seen in Encyclopedia Britannica – there I go, dating myself again. Eddie made this video of my brother Vince and his band. They are:

  • Vince Las Casas – Guitar strung for a right hander played upside down and backwards like Hendrix.
  • Reyle Cardino – Bass player extraordinaire!
  • Tom Cannella – The band’s drum master and not a guitar player. ?

Some time later I joined them in the new band called Ageless.

Oh, I had this DVD in my belongings which have been in storage while I explored new frontiers. I just re-discovered it while getting ready for the next. Enjoy! ✌?? Sincerely, Alex Las Casas

Want a copy of the DVD?

Download DVD disk image here: Click the image folder to decompress the disk image.

If your DVD player starts or will play it you are set. If not:

Download VLC media player here:

After installing to your computer, drag the disk image over the VLC media player and release. It will open the DVD complete with buttons to start the video and buttons to choose chapters from it.

Enjoy! ?